Product Management Mentorship

We know that product management can be a tough career to break into. That's why we want to help. We will work with you to fill the gap between where you are and where you need to be. 


Get started with us on your journey towards becoming a product manager.



As product managers in organizations such as Microsoft and Apple, we have spent the past few years building products and features that are used by millions of users. We have actively been mentoring and coaching individuals trying to break into product management.   


We are passionate about product management and are dedicated to help others achieve success in their journey towards becoming future product leaders.

PM Mentors works on a pay it forward model. In exchange for a session with us, we ask that you make a donation to charity or mentor someone else in return. 


How WE Can Help You


Improve your resume, Linkedin,
and cover letter.

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Rebecca Andersen
Director of Career Services & Alumni Relations, UC Berkeley Graduate program

"Karan & Parv are more than fabulous product management leaders, they are empathetic mentors and teachers to countless students & industry professionals looking to grow their PM careers. Karan and Parv are able to break down product management frameworks, build communication skills and confidence, and present actionable advice for progressing in product management. Whether someone is just breaking into tech or is a seasoned professional, Karan and Parv have great advice."


Sunthoshi T
Product Manager, Silicon Labs

"I was looking for someone to guide me through the process of breaking into Product Management. Karan was patient enough to answer all my questions and helped me understand the aspects that I will have to focus on based on my experience and skillset."


Sneha C
Product Manager, Adobe

"Karan & Parv’s mentoring sessions helped me understand where in the PM funnel I lie, what resources I can use to strengthen my career ambitions, growth & work relationships. They’re also just fun people to engage with - I loved the refreshing honesty & candidness in knowledge sharing they brought to their session & look forward to more!"